Krista Cahill


My introduction to Ashtanga Yoga was in Encinitas CA, June 1999. On the path to completing my Culinary Arts Degree, I fell in LOVE with Yoga. I finished my hours to graduate and continued to work in the restaurant—practicing as much as possible, all along the way. I knew I was going to be a yoga teacher, and as much as I love food, Yoga is my truest love.

My initiation into teaching yoga was accidental in nature. I was asked to sub for a teacher at the local gym. In the next two days I was hired to teach my own class after that random request for me to step in to the role of teacher so new to yoga myself. I taught one class a week at that club 3 years. In 2002 I was teaching for a studio being purchased by Yoga Works. Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty as a result of their transaction I was introduced to their style and presently I am still mentored by these amazing teachers. After introducing me to the world of training teachers I have accumulated over 1900 hours of trainings. I’m an expert student, I have had the privilege of studying with Master Teachers.

I am interested in contributing my experience and knowledge to help support the growth of an informed and inspired teaching faculty. Priorities like organizing senior teacher immersion trainings, growth and expansion of teacher training blueprints and materials, products and content development, teaching advisor and mentor programs + workshops are essential for the studio to thrive during expansion and growth. However, I do not want to limit any possibilities, I am in a receiving mode and presently feel confident that this market in France is on the verge of a health and wellness revolution !

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