Why Arm Balance, by Jafar Alexander

LE samedi 09 juillet 2016 de 14:30 à 17:00

Arm Balances are a great way to challenge strength and flexibility in our practice.
This workshop will explore several arm balances and their stories. Whether you have mastered these postures or are working toward them in your practice, this workshop will refine your understanding.
We will look at the anatomical structure of these postures in the body, as well as energetic alignment, and the essential lessons learned from mental focus.
These asana (postures) will be broken down so that everybody can participate. There will also be time to explore learning how to combine these postures into a “flow”.
The stories from yogic text will offer us unique insight into why we even attempt to place ourselves in these forms.
So come hear the stories, explore the physicality, and find some play(lila) in your practice!