The Story and Experience of Virabhadrasana by Jafar Alexander

LE vendredi 06 novembre 2015 de 14:00 à 16:30

Join the great Jafar for a 2 and half hours yoga very special experience!

Almost every yoga class includes the Virabhadrasana (warrior) postures yet very few know the intensely beautiful story behind them.

Led in English, this special workshop will explore the story of the Warrior poses and how they hold the teachings of Yoga for us to embody.

Understanding Virabhadrasana from an anatomical standpoint will give insight to why we seek to embody this idea.

These warrior poses will be woven through class in order to bring the story to life, which will lead us into a great space of meditation.

We will discuss the necessity of darkness to receive light. Small discussion followed by practice.