Hatha yoga & drishtis by Matan Eshkar

LE samedi 13 avril 2019 de 14:30 à 17:00

Drishti, or focused gaze, can be sharp or subtle. Outer or inner.
Sharpness searches for precision, and subtlety for harmony, for flow.In practice we want to be aware not only of the body’s precision and its harmony, but also of these different ways of seeing (gazing).Many times in our life one way of seeing overcome the other.
But at times something wondrous happens in practice, and these two ways of seeing unite in the heart.
This is Vijnana (“deep understanding”) : when these two qualities of seeing activated from inside simultaneously, then we can experience the unity of precision and subtlety.
In this workshop we will explore our drishti (gazing and seeing abilities) through unique Hatha & Pranayama practice and will reconnect to our deep inner understanding.


Suitable for all yoga and somatic practitioners who wish to learn and experience the wonders of our drishti and Vijnana yoga.