Deep Meditation Weekend by David H Wagner

LE samedi 21 septembre 2019 de 14:30 à 17:00

Deux ateliers exceptionnels avec David H. Wagner pour approfondir la méditation et explorer son propre chemin…
Samedi 21 septembre de 14h30 à 17h
 » Create Your Self – from the inside out « 
This is a workshop about the healing power of the inner yoga practices. Meditation, contemplation, self-inquiry, mantra, energy work – all of this can really reshape our personal consciousness and help us to open to the vast power of Universal Consciousness.
The workshop would base itself around 2-3 key teachings from texts like Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutra, and Yoga Vasishta weaving together the yoga tradition (which people may be somewhat bought into) with the art of personal development.
We learn how to use yoga to leverage practices like meditation and sacred study to undo our conditioning and heal our inner wounds.
The workshop would include meditation, mantra, discussion, breathwork, and probably some physical embodiment practices (but not full-on asana sequence).*
Dimanche 22 septembre de 11h30 à 14h
 » Create Your Life – Weaving A World Of Wisdom « 
This is the natural extension of Create Your Self. This is how we use the inner yoga practices to help us to manifest the life we really want and a life that is deeply aligned with what we believe in. Sometimes tantra is defined as “weaving a world of wisdom”.
Assuming we are doing the healing work within ourselves to be more whole, free, and aligned with Spirit, the next step is to have work and relationships and community and life enjoyment that aligns with our deeper truth and true selves.
This workshop will also use key verses from traditional yogic texts along with powerful breathwork and meditation practices, along with “visioning” exercises to help us to “heal” our lives and design the world we live in.

“David is a senior teacher and healer with more than 25 years experience teaching yoga, meditation, and the esoteric teachings of the Indian mystical traditions. He is classically trained in the yoga, vedanta, tantrik shaivite and bhakti traditions. He’s known for being a very human, down-to-earth teacher who makes the deepest teachings and practices accessible to all.

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