Arm balances by Krista Cahill

LE samedi 10 novembre 2018 de 14:30 à 17:00

This course explores arm balances, a highly attractive group of asanas for those inspired by high-intensity practice with the light-hearted playful side. Bring yourself into the moment with energetic balance and physical grace.

Experiencing the physical challenges of gravity and technique brings us to our fullest capabilites and the height of our potential in the human body, physical asanas have the power to stimulate our deep inner focus and total attention, but mostly these poses are meant to be fun.

  • Hasta Bandha, Rebounding Energy Theory, Core Stability, and Elongation
  • Vasistasana
  • Bujipidasana
  • Bakasana
  • Parsva-Bakasana
  • Dwi-Pada Koundenyasana
  • Eka-Pada Koundenyasana I & II
  • Astavakrasana